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Kubota unveils new generation mini-excavator at the EHS

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Kubota unveils new generation mini-excavator at the EHS
Issue Time:2017-09-07
Kubota unveils new generation mini-excavator  at the EHS

Kubota introduced the KX027-4, a compact excavator that doesn’t compromise on power and performance and is ideally suited to the hire market. From a rugged Kubota-built engine and powerful digging force through to biggest cab in its class, the KX027-4 ensures the machine’s productivity far exceeds that of its competitors whilst also offering maximum comfort.

The 2.6 tonne excavator, its weight meaning the machine is ideal for towing, is available in two models. The Standard KX027-4 model is ideal for general excavation jobs, whilst the High-Spec model utilises AUX oil flow with proportional flow control and Auto shift for even greater versatility and performance to meet the needs of any job.

Delivering an impressive bucket digging force, the KX027-4 has a powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket that allows the operator to dig fast, deep and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions. Further more, when simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket and swivel are required, two variable pumps will distribute the correct amount of oil flow to each actuator, enabling continuous high performance digging and dozing.

In addition to powerful performance, the KX027-4 has also been designed with comfort in mind. Boasting the biggest cab for a machine of its size, the KX027-4’s operator station offers all the functions and amenities users need to keep working in comfort all day long, including excellent visibility, easy-open front slide window, an adjustable suspension seat and a innovative forward mounted intuitive panel for simple programme setting at your finger tips. The KX027-4 offers a generous amount of foot space for improved comfort, as well as a tall and wide door to facilitate faster and easier entry and exit from the cab.

Maintenance on the KX027-4 is a straightforward task, thanks to the fully opening access door and hood, proving quick and easy access to all inspection and maintenance areas of the engine. The KX027-4 is also equipped with a full range of safety features, from ROPS/OPG to front window guard mounting points, as well as a variety of conveniences, including tie-downs and a tool box.

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