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I see the digging machine in the UK: Komatsu, Kobelco, Kubota, Hyundai why have come?

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I see the digging machine in the UK: Komatsu, Kobelco, Kubota, Hyundai why have come?
Issue Time:2017-08-29
I see the digging machine in the UK: Komatsu, Kobelco, Kubota, Hyundai 

For the BMW show, BICES these construction machinery exhibition friends are familiar, it is not known that we have not heard of the British Plantworx exhibition , the following to take you to see a taste of this show.

The Plantworx exhibition is one of the most influential engineering machinery exhibitions in the UK, attracting many of the world's leading construction machinery brands. Most of the exhibitors come from the UK and Ireland, mostly from the construction industry, civil engineering, pavement engineering , And other construction machinery industry.

In the 2017 Plantworx exhibition site, show excavators, bulldozers, loaders, road machinery, aerial vehicles and other construction machinery products. In the outdoor exhibition area, will also be on-site field demonstrations and operations, to visit the construction staff to provide valuable experience. That scene can see what brand of the figure?

Japan's Kubota's agricultural equipment and construction machinery are more famous, its small excavators in Europe, North America, Japan and other Asian countries more popular. The KX042-4 is a new environmentally friendly excavator KX042-4 at Plantworx, which uses DPF (diesel particulate filter) and Kubota's ECO Plus mode to reduce fuel consumption.

In the power mode, the KX042-4 reduces fuel consumption by 12% compared to the previous product, saving 20% ​​of the fuel in the ECO energy saving mode. The excavator also uses a 29kW four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine , Equipped with automatic shift and suspension with a luxurious seat and other configurations.

Komatsu as a well-known engineering machinery brand, naturally not the absence of such a show, in the field display PC138US-11, PC290LCD-11, HB365LC-3, PC30MR-5, PC210LCI-11 and other models of excavators, PC210LCI-11 Intelligent control system, in March the United States Las Vegas International Engineering Machinery Exhibition has also been demonstrated. In addition, the D61PXI-24, D51PXI-24 intelligent bulldozer is shown.

Construction Equipment Company, which is the largest supplier of excavators in South Korea and Japan, is exhibiting Kobelco excavators, including SK28, SK55, SK85, SK140 and SK300 Excavator

Molson in addition to showing the Kobelco excavator, but also demonstrated the Hyundai's 22 tons of HX220L, 14 tons of HX140L, HL940 wheel loader and HW160 wheeled excavator.

Of course Plantworx show the scene not only excavators, loaders, but also see the road mechanical figure. In the field can Bomag (BOMAG) brand variety of pressure road equipment, such as RS 500 wheeled roller, BW 226 DI-5 roller. And Bomag also demonstrated the performance of the roller at the scene.

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