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What Are the Different Types of Snow Blower Attachments?

What Are the Different Types of Snow Blower Attachments?
Update Time:2017-11-08
What Are the Different Types of Snow Blower Attachments?

There are several different snow blower attachments that can be added to a typical snow blower to make the task of clearing snow much easier most of the time. From an electric starter to a snow cab, attachments are usually intended to aid in the operation of the machine. Headlights and tire chains are some of the other attachments that tend to aid in the operation of the snow blower by illuminating the area to be worked as well as providing traction on a slick driveway or sidewalk.

The snow blower is a gasoline-powered machine that uses a system of augers and blowers to remove snow from large areas, such as a driveway or sidewalk. The term snow blower is reserved for this, the largest of the personal snow removal machines, while smaller units are usually designated as snow throwers. The difference lies in the snow blower's dual-stage snow removal system verses the thrower's single stage. The dual stage employs one auger to draw snow into the second stage, which is a blower. The single stage simply throws the snow away from the machine with a single blower unit.

A gasoline powered, pull-start engine used on a snow blower is typically difficult to start in the cold winter temperatures. One of the more popular snow blower attachments, an electric starter mechanism, is easily installed on the engine and uses household current to crank the cold engine. In using household electrical current, the addition of an electric starter mechanism does not require the installation of a battery. A battery is, however, required for another of the popular snow blower attachments, a headlight. The installation of a headlight allows a user to remove snow after dark by illuminating the area that is being cleared.

Other snow blower attachments include snow cabs and tire chains. The snow cab consists of a metal framework covered with canvass or vinyl material and a clear plastic windshield. The cab mounts to the snow blower and surrounds the operator, thus providing protection from blowing snow. Depending on wind direction, the operator can often become covered in snow as the snow moving through the discharge tube is blown back onto the operator. Tire chains are one of the more useful snow blower attachments and provide superior traction on snow- and ice-covered terrain. The tire chains are placed around the tires and secured, causing the tires to dig into the ground and drive the machine forward.

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