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What Are the Different Types of Heavy Equipment Parts?

What Are the Different Types of Heavy Equipment Parts?
Update Time:2017-09-22
What Are the Different Types of Heavy Equipment Parts?

Heavy equipment parts run the gamut from blades and buckets to tracks and tires. Hydraulic cylinders, cables and shovels are all heavy equipment parts that can be found on different types of equipment. Dump truck beds, truck chassis and loader cabs are heavy equipment parts that can be purchased both new and used from several vendors. Booms, counter weights and hooks are all components of heavy equipment that can be replaced, enhanced or just rebuilt.

Many types of heavy equipment use large steel blades to cut through the earth. Dozers and graders incorporate blades into the design of the machines. Other components that are significant, heavy equipment parts are the extremely large buckets that adorn the front of front-end loaders. Perched at the end of large steel arms and powered by large hydraulic cylinders, the buckets are occasionally large enough to park a compact car inside and have room for a motorcycle, too. Other components that are linked to the loaders are huge wheels and tires.

Tracks are typical heavy equipment parts that are easily identified. From being used on excavators, dozers and cranes, the heavy steel tracks are driven by large sprockets and ride upon large rollers, called bogeys. Tracks can often be repaired when broken by changing out only one or more sections of track. The weight of the track is commonly the most difficult aspect of the part to overcome when servicing the large machines. Hydraulic cylinders adorn most types of heavy equipment, thus, the cylinders are also easily recognized heavy equipment parts.

Cranes use large rollers filled with heavy wire cable to lift the enormous weight that is commonly handled by the machines. Excavators use a large, steel bucket mounted at the end of a long boom to dig deep into the earth. Using both a long and short arm in conjunction with the large bucket and hydraulic cylinders, the tracked excavators display several of the most common heavy equipment parts on a single machine. Large counterweight units are attached to the rear of a crane to offset some of the weight being lifted. Additional jib booms can be affixed to the end of the boom to give the crane additional distance out and away from the cab while lifting.

Dump truck beds, cabs and large engines are all commonly found heavy equipment parts when wandering through a used parts yard. Giant steel hooks and wrecking balls are also found in the yards. Complete machines can also be found in the yards, waiting to be rebuilt or stripped of needed parts.

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