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The Benefits of Leasing A Concrete Mixer Truck and Equipment

The Benefits of Leasing A Concrete Mixer Truck and Equipment
Update Time:2017-08-29
The Benefits of Leasing A Concrete Mixer Truck and Equipment

The concrete machinery required at a construction site is a massive capital investment for any company and needs careful consideration. Concrete equipment can cost thousands and even hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you don’t have the necessary capital available to purchase your machinery outright you could consider leasing as a viable alternative.

Leasing gives you the option to rent or hire concrete machinery for a specified amount of time. There are many advantages to leasing, the most obvious of which is the financial aspect. Leasing allows you to procure the equipment you need without taking out a loan or paying cash. If you were to take out a loan for your concrete pump, concrete mixer or concrete batch plant equipment, you would need to pay back the cost of the machinery plus the loan interest. Leasing allows you to pay for the depreciation of the equipment during the leasing period.

Equip your Concrete Machinery Fleet Optimally-and with Minimal Risk

Choosing concrete equipment leasing over more traditional methods of financing could also mean you can afford more sophisticated equipment. You can also choose to lease your equipment for the duration of a project which is perfect if the project calls for lesser used items of equipment. Overall, leasing gives companies more freedom over their budget and the equipment they buy with less impact on their cash flow.

Funding concrete equipment out of your working capital may be impossible right now especially when it comes to larger items of equipment such as a batching plant. Leasing offers the perfect solution at a time when companies are looking to reduce capital outlay.

In many cases, leasing can cover the full cost of your equipment including delivery, installation fees, and even maintenance. This will allow you to spread the cost of your equipment evenly over the lease term whilst also allowing you to use your money elsewhere in the business and remain competitive. What’s more, leasing offers significant tax savings as lease payments are viewed as operating expenses.
Avoid the Risk of an Obsolete Fleet

One of the major problems with buying concrete machinery outright is the risk that it will become obsolete in a short space of time. New technology and discontinued models and parts can make your fleet difficult to maintain and sell. Leasing on the other hand allows you to upgrade and replace your equipment when you need to.

The only downside of getting your equipment this way is that you have no ownership. That means you cannot sell the equipment or upgrade until you have bought your way out of the current lease. Leasing can also work out to be more costly long-term than a loan. However, because many companies operate in the present, this doesn’t necessarily pose a problem.

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