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Forklift Attachments Make Your Life Easier

Forklift Attachments Make Your Life Easier
Update Time:2017-08-12
Forklift Attachments Make Your Life Easier

Forklift Attachments enable a traditional forklift to become a more productive and secure materials handling device. Forklift attachments can be the key in improving warehouse efficiency.

During the course of one day, a busy workshop employing just a few staff can run into any all sorts of challenges that could be resolved easily and efficiently with the addition of a simple attachment for the forklift.

Even large multinational businesses need to ensure their equipment is being used to its full potential and can solve every challenge that arises. High access tasks such as work or repairs, for example, can be impossible without a forklift safety cage and a harness. This enables the job to be completed efficiently but with the need for appropriate safety methods adhered to.

Risky load stability when transporting large crates calls for forklift extension slippers.
Rolls, cable, coil or carpet can’t be moved easily and will require a forklift prong attachment – whether slip on or carriage mounted.
All said and done, however, the buck doesn’t stop with simply finding the right tool.

Stringent Occupational Health and Safety requirements mean that all forklift cages, jibs, spreader beams – this covers anything that may be attached to a forklift – must comply with the requirements of Australian Standards. This can mean AS2359, AS1891 or AS4991 just to name a couple. Of course these standards can vary depending largely upon the job at hand, the attachment you’ve chosen, and the working environment.
If you find that you simply do not have enough knowledge of the correct Australian Standard to suit the forklift attachment for the particular job in question, then it is probably advisable to find a manufacturer or supplier who is able to solve the problem for you.

Their knowledge, understanding and experience of forklift equipment can be invaluable and is usually supported through engineering processes. Looking online for a local experienced manufacturer or supplier who can demonstrate knowledge and experience in this area will ensure a high quality product. Finding the supplier who knows that every forklift attachment in their series – from forklift tipper bins to forklift hoppers, from forklift container ramps to forklift lifting jibs – is manufactured to suit its relevant Australian Standard.
Even better would be locating a manufacturer that uses fully engineered designs and Australian steel to ensure that whatever your challenge may be, their business can manufacture a safe and secure solution for your forklift, your products and your business.

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